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Residential and Commercial Cleaning
Have It Maid offers basic and deep cleaning options for your home, office or restaurant. We work as a team to be sure we complete the job efficiently and around your schedule or business needs. Let us clean your home or  establishment so you don't have to.  People love to hear of the restaurants we clean as tells them the best places to eat.  One-time, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly appointments available. Green cleaning options also available.

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Vacation Rentals
Do you own a home you rent out? Do you work with Air BnB or VRBO?  Our teams are well-versed with business standards and policies for cleanliness and more for your vacation rental. We'll make sure your renters are extremely pleased when they arrive. Our current property owners report top ratings in cleanliness by their clients!  We even offer Property Management services for those folks that don't live close by their rental property or have too busy of a schedule to manage it.  We'll make sure the grill has a full tank, the fireplace is cleaned and stocked for the next renter, the yard is without litter, the garbage has been removed and damaged or missing items are reported immediately.
Real Estate Cleaning
Have It Maid has experience cleaning real estate to prepare for selling. We'll make sure your clients are pleased when you're ready to show it. Buying a home? Don't want the extra work of making sure it's clean to move into?  We'll get it ready so you can move right in.  We even offer trash removal.
Construction Cleanup
Are you a Painter, Builder or any other type of Contractor?  Have It Maid knows how to get rid of the heavy dust and make your project shine for you and your clients.  Save yourself a lot of time and energy and move on to the next job while we finish it up for you.  Own a home that needs cleanup after getting some projects done?  We can take care of that too.
Hoarding Cleaning & Assistance
Hoarding is a serious problem that affects many people.  It happens slowly until you're suddenly living in the midst of garbage, bacterias, rodents and more.  There is no shame in finding yourself in this prediciment!  Let Have It Maid help you get your life back on track.  We'll come to your home, treat it as if it's one of our own, and get rid of the things that are causing you trouble. We'll have your home clean in no time with our team of experts.  A cluttered environment equals a clutterd mind.  Let's get your mind and home decluttered.  At Have It Maid, we care. 
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Window Cleaning
The biggest cleaning project in any home or office is the windows.  Everybody hates to clean the windows, particularly the outside.  Have It Maid can do this chore for you.  We offer packages for the inside only, outside only or both.  Clean windows allow more sunlight through them and a more beautiful view from your establishment.
Pressure Washing
Want your sidewalks or driveway to look like new?  Need to clean the mildew from your deck and give it a fresh look? Does your house look like it needs new paint?  Pressure washing can do wonders for all of these things and more.  Before you spend money replacing and upgrading, let Have It Maid bring a professional to your property.  ***Never allow anyone to use a pressure washer on your property unless they know what they're doing.  These powerful machines can also do serious damage if used wrong.***
Odds & Ends
Have It Maid also offers services for odds & ends like organizing, packing, and trash removal.  Just need an extra set of hands for a project or to set up for a party?  Let us send you a friendly and able bodied person to help you get it done.  No job is too big or too small.
Have It Maid Cares
Let us work hard so you don't have to!
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